Thursday, May 7, 2015

Last Day In The Marquesas

A beautiful hike to another bay revealed amazing peaks in the mountains and a wonderful archeological site. Our wonderful friends John and Lynette from SV Whitehawk, joined us for one of these interesting hikes.
We are leaving this afternoon to sail (3 to 4 days) to the Tuomotu's. Once we get to one of the 76 atolls, we will sail through a small pass in the coral reefs to a protected lagoon. They are supposed to be stunning and very different than the high mountain islands of the Marquesas.

We probably will not have internet for a while, but will be able to put a point on the map of our location and text updates.
Anaho Bay, Nuka Hiva
Free Spirit is the closest boat.

John and Chuck with a tiki


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