Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Video Page

I added a link on the right to video page....
We are currently back in Majuro, doing necessary repairs and provisioning for our trip south to Fiji. Hope to be underway in a week or two.

Friday, April 8, 2016


A couple of milestones; we passed the 10,000 miles traveled since Long Beach and have been "off the grid" for over a year since leaving Mexico. Have not been plugged into power or water so we make our own electricity from solar or diesel generator when there is not enough sun. We desalinate seawater for fresh water.
We are currently anchored at Rongerik Atoll, an uninhabited atoll, beautiful, been out for five weeks now, have visited several atolls, seen lot's of interesting things, amazing sea life, WWII remnants, including a crashed Japanese Zero fighter and sunken ships and have met some local inhabitants, interacted with them, even took a ride on a sailing canoe.
Our plan is to be out for a couple more weeks, next stop Bikini Atoll....Yes where the hydrogen bombs where tested, break out the lead undies....oh wait a minute, we're already sterile, no worries!
Should be back in Majuro(civilization) in two to three weeks, will have internet again and will try to update blog with pictures.
Ciao for now.