Friday, December 11, 2015

Back in the Northern Hemisphere

We are enroute to Tarawaw Kiribati from Nanumea Tuvalu.
Crossed the equator at 19:00 UTC, 7:00 AM our time.
Very good sailing conditions, one of the more comfortable passages we have made.
We are enroute with five other boats scattered apart but we keep in contact with SSB radio.
Our plan is to spend Christmas in Kiribati with the other cruisers.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Enroute to Nanumea

We are half way (125 nm) to Nanumea.
NIce conditions, a bit lite for wind, we have sailed and motored(about 10 hrs motor last 24 hrs.)
Lauri was on watch last night and saw some kind of bio-luminescent jelly fish or something....she was impressed.
We are meeting up with a few other boats at this atoll and will wait for good wind to continue to Tarawa, Kiribati.