Sunday, June 28, 2015

Our little adventure in the Lagoon of Atoll Raroia

We had a wonderful sail across the lagoon of the Atoll Raroia. In the first part of the video you see light turquoise patches in the water. These are shallow coral! One of us would be on the bow watching for these shallow area's so we could sail around them.
The next day we had the best day on one of the motu's we affectionately call, 2 Palm Island.

Here we are sailing across the Pacific Ocean!

Chuck put together a little video of our journey across the Pacific Ocean.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Visiting the beautiful Cooks Bay in lovely Moorea

We have been "stranded" (due to lack of wind) in the most amazing bay in Moorea. The lush mountains with amazing spires and vegetation have been one of the most beautiful sites we have seen so far. This tiny island, just 10 miles from Tahiti truly is a gem.
The first three days we celebrated with 60 other boats that all crossed the Pacific for the Puddle Jump sponsored by the sailing magazine Latitude 38.
We rented a scooter to explore the island interior and have a fun day off the boat.
Free Spirit in Cooks Bay, Moorea

All of the Pacific Puddle Jump in Cooks Bay

Chuck learning to dance at the Pacific Puddle Jump party
Tatoo guy, doing a coconut demonstration

They had amazing dancers for us!

We rented a scooter with another boat and toured the island

One of the resorts on the island

Lunch in front of the beautiful water

Photo op for Lauri

It is just beautiful here!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Our own island paradise for a day, two palm island

What an amazing day. We anchored off the motu where the Kon-Tiki landed. Next to it was a little "Motu" with only 2 palm trees! We packed a picnic and our hammock and spent the day in paradise!
Atoll Roria,

This is my handsome captain next to the Kon-tiki monument

Two Palm island

Our little paradise!!!

Oops, hehehe!

Relaxing...........before he fell out! Ha!!!