Thursday, May 14, 2015

Final resting place of Kon Tiki

After a rather slow sail from Nuka Hiva to the unique world of atoll's.
We arrived Raroia at sunrise, timing the entrance through the tumultuous pass into the calm lagoon, very interesting and exciting experience.
While at anchor, we noticed interesting looking fish. Upon greater inspection, we noticed some black tip sharks as well. We fed them canned tuna and crackers, right off the boat! That evening we had Paumplemouse (local citris) Margaritta's with a couple from a boat called Georgia, we had met them in the Marquesas.
The next morning we had an exciting drift snorkel through the pass. With such a current, there were a variety of fish. We even had the company of black tip sharks who completely ignored us.
In the afternoon we headed across the lagoon, dodging coral amongst the laser turquoise water. The charts show nothing as this is uncharted. Not too tough to navigate and so beautiful. Our goal was to reach the site of the Kon Tiki landing on a little Motu, parts of the circle of islands (motu's) and coral reef that creates an atoll.
We anchored with two other boat's and had beautiful bonfire on the Kon Tiki Motu. We cooked our dinner and then enjoyed Peter and his sister's singing and guitar. We talked and listened to music, while staring up at the stars. What a magical evening.
We are looking forward to our next adventure on Makemo atoll.

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