Sunday, April 26, 2015

Marquesas Islands

We are on our third island of the exotic Marquesas. Having arrived first on Hiva Oa, then sailed to Tahuata and now our present location Ua Pou.
Beautiful islands with soaring rock spires, coconut palms, flowers and fruit trees, we hope to have Internet soon so we may post some pictures and videos.
We were treated to a meals of freshly caught fish and octopus by some locals on Tahuata. We helped husk coconuts and make the sauce for this delicious meal. They gave us some pompeomouusse, Lauri made margaritas with one. Sailed up to our favorite (so far) beautiful little bay, anchored and visited a small village. We snorkeled and enjoyed the spinner dolphins all around. They jump and literally spin in the air and do end over end somersaults!
The weather has been great for the most part, only one rainy day spent relaxing indoors for a nice break.
Meeting other cruisers and having sundowners is the norm, sharing stories and tapping into some experience for future destinations.
Will be heading to Nuku-Hiva next for provisions and then on to the Tuamotu's.