Thursday, April 2, 2015

2 days from Equator

We are cruising right along, will cross the equator in 2 days.
Boat is doing great, everything working perfectly, the weather is wonderful. We crossed the ITCZ(the doldrums) without any ado, motored as expected and encountered a couple of small squalls. We are now sailing nicely toward Hiva Oa, only 1263 more miles.
We are really enjoying this passage, the hours seem to fly by,
1639 nautical miles traveled so far. We left La Cruz the same time 9 other boats left and we are leading the pack, we love this boat!


  1. Wahoo! I can see the grins on your faces with the satisfaction of how well the Freedom is doing! From your earlier posts I can see why Free Spirit was sitting so low in the water with the provisioning you were doing--it was all the mak'ens for the mango ice cream you've been eating--way to go Lauri. All our best--bb&GK

  2. So glad you continue to have great weather and Free Spirit is leading the pack. Enjoy. Brad

  3. GO FREE SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could be a bird flying along with you as you cross the equator! Or maybe a dolphin. Or maybe actually myself sitting on board with a glass of champagne! So happy for you. Weather wise is it hot during the day but cool at night? Humid? Nice? Still waiting for a star report. You're probably not seeing any. Love you and see you in Santorini! Diane