Monday, February 29, 2016


I know, I updates.
We have been lazily hanging out at the Majuro Atoll in the Marshall Islands.
With a U.S. post office here, we have ordered many, many items for us, and to replace/upgrade electronics etc. on the boat. There are a couple of real nice hardware stores too, so spending money isn't a problem.
There are other cruisers here, so a social scene at the main island and a real nice anchorage just 5 miles away for solitude.
We plan on leaving in two days for a six to eight week tour of some atolls north of here, Maloelap will be our first stop. Real nice snorkeling there.
We will try and catch this blog up to us..........we have internet here, just need to find the time..ha!

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  1. Aww that sound like really enjoying yourself with everything board and pinned out! I was actually looking forward an update but.. oh well! as long as you're enjoying yourself I guess we all can wait! and don't forget to have lots of FUNNnnn..!!